Innovative Poland

Our contribution in the creation of modern business!

In support of the Foundation Innovative Poland, the N42 members participated in the Program Council in the organization of the exceptional international innoSHARE UNIversity 2019 event. The meeting established a thematic framework and laid the foundations for organizing that unique global scale event. The task of our agency was to indicate the strengths of the conference that can be used to communicate the event and its promotion. We wanted as many people as possible to hear about the idea of the project itself, because not every day do you have the opportunity to translate scientific discoveries into real business. Such a forward-looking and innovation-focused enterprise could not have happened without our participation. The event will encompass 450 participants and over 40 speakers from Poland and abroad  talking about issues such as universities of the future, new fuels and energy, drones, city of the future, new food, healthcare, biotechnology, chemistry and new materials, photonics or Human Tech. A truly future-oriented event!