You can turn any crisis into success!

Minimizing image losses is a key element in crisis management through effective PR activities.

What activities do we carry out?

  • we carry out audits to determine strengths and weaknesses of the organization as well as early identification of potential threats arising from both internal factors (the nature of the business) as well as external ones (the environment)
  • we prepare a crisis strategy, i.e. ready scenarios for the crisis situations and instructions in the event of their occurrence
  • we create sample statements and press releases
  • we stay in touch with the client on an ongoing basis, analyzing changes in the organization and its environment, updating and adapting the strategy of anti-crisis activities
  • we conduct ongoing media monitoring
  • we communicate on clients’ social media channels and react to it on an ongoing basis Fan inquiries or complaints we communicate on clients’ social media channels and respond to inquiries or complaints on an ongoing basis fans
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