An effectively planned campaign is more than just an increase in brand recognition or sales – it meas also real savings for the company. We are able to choose the right tools and intensity of the campaign to achieve specific business goals, so that the campaign ROI meets the planned KPIs.

For this purpose we use the following media:

  • standard OOH (frontlight, backlight, billboard, CLP)
  • custom OOH (constructions, non-standard realizations, own ideas)
  • digital OOH
  • large format OOH
  • MOBILE OOH (city bikes, scooters, scooters)
  • Indoor (PKP and Bus stations, shopping centers and galleries, shops
  • Large Transit (public and long-distance transport, long-distance and suburban trains)
  • Radio
  • Press (industry, opinion forming, lifestyle)
  • Internet
  • Social Media
Jesteśmy w stanie odpowiednio dobrać narzędzia oraz intensywność kampanii do osiągnięcia konkretnych celów biznesowych oraz założonych targetów, aby ROI z kampanii spełniło planowane KPI. Sprawdź nas.
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