Atelier N42 presented a collection of women’s fashion Timeless

Timeless is clothing for confident and conscious women who want to look great in the business setting, while embracing the silhouette and bringing out your natural beauty. The fashion show This Is It!, which took place in Warsaw, proved that the stylization of the Atelier N42 (part of the N42 group) is an excellent offer for women who don’t want to lose their individuality and femininity in the hard world of business. The show that took place on July 18 in Warsaw made a great impression on the invited guests. Refined to the smallest detail, the collection expressed subtlety and airiness. On an unusual catwalk located in the This Is It! boutique in the Prague Center, there reigned noble lace, silks and satin of excellent quality presented in 26 stylizations. The collection is a perfect combination of the classic and traditional elements, with a touch of innovation. In the changing times we live in, it will offer durability and timeless design to the women.